The Most Popular Game of Thrones Characters (Who Are Sadly Dead)


Game of Thrones does an excellent job of stomping on our hearts every season. GOT fans live in chronic fear that the character they love will die a brutal death every time they appear on the screen. Fans have mourned such characters for years and still purchase any Game of Thrones gear featuring them. Here's a sad list of great GOT characters who died too soon:

1. Ned Stark

Fans should've known this was coming when they cast Sean Bean as the actor for this role. After all, this is an actor who dies in almost every movie he has been in. The guy has acted in a little over 70 roles and has died an impressive 25 times.

So Ned Stark's death shouldn't have been surprising but it was painful for people who loved this quiet and gruff character.

2. KhalDrogo

Dany's deceased husband and the Khal of the Dothraki wasn't a fan favorite when he first started out. Dany was sold to him and he was a brutal savage in most of this scenes. Fans only warmed up to him when an unexpected romance emerged between Daenerys and the Khal. His death was a shock to many and fans lament it, even though it led to the birth of the dragons. Game of Thrones gear featuring him and Dany are quite popular.

3. Robb Stark

Robb's death was a part of the worst, most despised, but the most fascinating episode in GOT. He was murdered during the infamous Red Wedding but before that, he was a well-liked fellow. He was the son of Ned Stark, had a beautiful wife, and was a decent guy in a cruel world.

Many more will die in GOT so this list is very mobile. Perhaps Daenerys or Jon will join it soon?