Italian Ladies Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer 2017


It's a new year, and that means new fashion trends are developing across the globe. New trends are exciting because they provide usfashionistas the opportunity to go shopping and refresh the wardrobe. We all have those pairs of Italian ladies shoes we love that are dependable, but who wants to always wear the same shoes without changing it up a bit?

So here's a list of some of the popular Italian ladies shoe trends for this year:

Platforms and Flatforms

(Flatform by Dolce & Gabbana)

(Platform by Giorgio Fabiani)

These popular styles of shoes both give the wearer additional inches in height. The Flatform, a combo of platforms and flats, provides a more comfortable way to increase your height.

But the height is not what it's all about. Flatforms and platforms both grab attention with the full body and thickness of the shoes. It almost suggests an increased sturdiness in style and display.

Kitten Heels

(Kitten heel from Prada)

The kitten heel is a slim and sexy shoe.Ladies who want to wear a heel, but are uncomfortable in sky-high stilettos, can now comfortably turn to the revamped kitten heel. Kitten heels are one of those shoe trends that has reappeared from the past. Although it may be hard for some to believe, it has indeed made its comeback in 2017.

Ankle Strap Shoes

(Attico shoes with an ankle focus)

This style of shoe has a great deal of variety in terms of the way different designers pull it off. In the picture above, the Attico design includes a sort of ankle belt and buckle that places great emphasis on the ankles. Other designers use smaller straps with some using thin shoe strings. Either way, the ankle-focused shoe is a clever style that extends beyond conventional design and adds another dimension to women's shoes.

These are just a few of the latest trending Italian ladies shoes for this spring and summer. If you like these designs, consider treating yourself and buying a pair. Why wait? The time to prepare for a fashion filled summer is now!